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View the past!



Discover the ancient world


View the Past!

AR-cheology allows visitors to experience the past like never before. Simply scan the QR code from the app to explore ancient monuments and witness their past glory come to life!


Dive into ancient worlds

With AR-cheology, the exploration doesn't stop at the surface. Walk around monuments and even enter inside ancient structures to discover their hidden secrets. Engage with history in a whole new way!


Record history

Snap breathtaking photos and record mesmerizing videos as you explore historic monuments in augmented reality. Document your discoveries and share your experiences with friends and family, preserving memories that will last a lifetime.



AR-cheology is currently only available in the ancient city of Pergamon (Izmir/Turkiye). From the iconic Acropolis to the famous Asclepieion, experience the glory of Pergamon in stunning augmented reality.

Ephesus is Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the arrival of AR-cheology at Ephesus, one of the world's most renowned ancient sites

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